Greene County



Special Announcement

TVA is poised to donate $15,000 to help our community get through the COVID-19 outbreak, with only two conditions attached to that offer:  we must match that amount with local funds, and if we are successful in making that match, the entire $30,000 must be routed to the community through a nonprofit charitable organization. 

This timing of TVA’s offer could not have been any better; our local United Way program just received an anonymous private donation designated for this exact purpose, and the United Way obviously meets the definition of a nonprofit charitable entity.

That good fortune provides a jump start in efforts to fully match TVA’s offer, and the United Way director indicates a willingness to be part of this community support effort.  Therefore, GL&PS is partnering with the United Way to make this happen for our community. 

This new program will be called the Greene County COVID-19 Relief Fund, and will provide assistance to GL&PS residential Customers economically distressed by the COVID-19 outbreak and unable to obtain aid from other sources. 

Please consider donating to the Greene County COVID-19 Relief Fund.  You are also urged to inquire at your Church or civic club to see if those organizations might also be willing to donate.  Remember, donations to this fund will be matched, doubling the positive impact for those in need.  Donations may be made by calling the United Way 423-639-9361 or GL&PS at 423-636-6200, or by clicking here.